Translations, patches and appearance changes are welcome, and can be uploaded to any site but the Steam Workshop and, except those previously granted personal permission.
Virelda may not be uploaded or hosted anywhere else without explicit permission from mlee3141 or Druundev, except in archival cases when Blogger or The Assimilation Lab no longer exists. Implicit permission to upload and host Virelda is granted if Blogger or The Assimilation Lab no longer exists, but we (mlee3141 and Druundev) retain full intellectual property rights to our creation.

Under no circumstances are you to make money in any way, shape or form with Virelda. This includes indirect ad revenue, solicitation and donations as well as direct selling/ marketing. All permissions previously granted is ​instantly, irrevocably and perpetually revoked if you fail to abide by this clause.

If I, mlee3141, am not online in all of my accounts related to Skyrim modding (Skyrim Nexus, TES Alliance, Bethsoft Forums, LL, AFK Mods, Reddit SkyrimMods, and Dark Creations) for at least a full year, and do not respond to reasonable attempts to contact me within a span of two weeks (PMs, e-mail, posts/ comments in my files), then all of my released mods/ projects shall instantly, irrevocably and perpetually become public domain, except for Aurlyn Dawnstone, which shall remain under the stewardship of Darkrogue21, for her to do as she sees fit.

If Darkrogue21 also shows no online activity for a period of one full year, and does not respond to similar contact requests within a span of two weeks, then Aurlyn Dawnstone shall also instantly, irrevocably and perpetually become public domain.

Virelda shall always be free to download.

Virelda shall always remain free from both direct and indirect monetary revenue.

Virelda shall never, under any circumstances, be uploaded to the Steam Workshop or

Unlimited permission to upload, modify, use, update, improve, distribute and host Virelda is granted to all members of the Virelda team, except in cases where any of the prior four clauses would be broken.